Mori Kengo
Mori Kengo
Kanji 森健吾
Biographical description
Gender Male
Professional status
Occupation Worker
Affiliation SIESTA
Personal status
Seiyuu Kimura Ryohei

Mori Kengo (森健吾) is Mai and Miki's friend in high school. He works part-time at SIESTA, a café and bar located beneath Mai's apartment and where most of the characters hang out. He is voiced by Kimura Ryohei.


Mori has spiky red hair held back by a white headband and green eyes. He wears a long-sleeved gray sweater over a white shirt with a red logo of a bird. He wears matching gray pants with a loose belt that carries small trinkets.


A kind and humorous person, Mori is the loyal friend of Mai and Miki. He holds feelings for Mai and often tries to confess to her, but something always happens when he's about to and Mai remains helplessly oblivious. Despite his feelings for Mai, Mori cares about her so much that he's willing to let her go to be with the one she loves, if that's what makes her happy.


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