Sakita Takuto
Sakita Takuto
Kanji 崎田タクト
Rōmaji Sakita Takuto
Biographical description
Gender Male
Birthday June 1
Age 31
Flower Rose
Professional status
Occupation Business owner
Affiliation SIESTA
Personal status
Seiyuu Fujiwara Keiji

Sakita Takuto (崎田タクト) is the owner of SIESTA, a café and bar located beneath Mai's apartment and where most of the characters hang out. He is one of Chisato's friends from high school. He is voiced by Fujiwara Keiji.


When he's working at his café, Takuto wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with black buttons and a black vest with a black apron.


Takuto is a kind and friendly person who often gives helpful advice to his friends. He believes that there's no such thing as bad people in the world.


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