Suoh Issei
Work attire | Casual attire | Winter attire
Suoh Issei

Kanji 周防壱成
Rōmaji Suoh Issei
Biographical description
Gender Male
Birthday October 30
Age 31
Flower Cosmos
Professional status
Occupation Businessman
Affiliation SNT
Personal status
Relatives Mr. Suoh (father)
Mrs. Suoh (mother)
Suoh Jiou (brother)
Suoh Akira (brother)
Suoh Kiito (brother)
Suoh Aoi (sister)
Seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana

Suoh Issei (周防壱成) is a businessman who works in the Public Relations department of an IT company called SNT. He is one of Chisato's friends from high school, and he is the coworker of Todaka Yousuke. He is voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana.


Issei has short black hair and blue eyes. In his work attire, he wears a black business suit with a navy blue and dark red tie. He wears two casual attire outfits: the first is a white polo shirt with a blue collar and sleeves, and white pants with a brown buckle belt; the second is a black-and-gray striped long-sleeved shirt covered by a plain white T-shirt, and white pants.

In his winter gear, Issei wears a blue coat with silver buttons and white pants. In his pajamas, he wears a gray and light blue sweater with gray sweat pants.


Issei is a responsible, hardworking person who always puts his family first. Due to his father's illness, Issei has always had to take care of his family, which consists of his mother and four younger siblings (consisting of three brothers and one sister). Although he is serious most of the time, he has a sarcastic sense of humor and can be awkward in embarrassing situations.


Being a friend of Mai's cousin, Chisato, Issei has known Mai since she was a young child. Issei first met Mai when he was visiting an old shrine and was depressed about his father's diagnosis of having a deadly illness. A young Mai ran over to Issei and hugged his leg, holding cosmos in one hand and asking why he's so sad. He pushed her away as he said it's nothing, and when she fell over he instantly regretted it. Mai began to tear up, but she forced a smile instead and said she's fine.

She gave him the cosmos in her hand and said that while the flowers are actually charms for love they're also really comforting to hold. Though he didn't believe it could calm him, Issei took the flowers anyway and felt surprisingly better. Realizing he wasn't really alone to take care of his family, he thanked Mai and she happily hugged him.


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